Women’s Hormones and Naturopathy

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Do you have a nagging feeling something just isn’t right with your body? Did you know many women who come into our clinic feel like that? Naturopathy can help with many women’s health concerns.


How to balance your hormones naturally using a Naturopath

Tired, exhausted, moody, difficulty losing weight, changes in temperature sensitivity, brain fog, can’t concentrate and difficulty remembering things… sound familiar? These are all signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance and a Naturopath can help.

There are 3 main sets of hormones that work together to maintain a happy, balanced body.  These include adrenal, thyroid and female hormones. With effective testing, questioning, herbs, vitamins/nutrients and lifestyle advice from a Naturopath, these hormones can easily return to balance.

Adrenal hormones – adrenaline and cortisol – produced after by your adrenal glands. Your adrenal glands are in turn looked after by parts of your brain – the pituitary and hypothalamus. Your adrenal glands are located on the top of your kidneys and they help your body deal with stress and inflammation in your body
Adrenalin is your flight or fight hormone; it helps to get your blood pumping, breath faster, and allows your mind to focus on one thing. This is because the adrenalin pathway was originally used in caveman times to get us away from sabre tooth tigers, it’s a survival mechanism. Unfortunately in modern society we now have this response from the moment we wake to the moment we sleep. We have ongoing mental, emotional and physical stressors at a level that we’ve never had before. We look in the mirror, we look at our phones, we look at our inbox, we get bills – psychological stress; we gain weight, lose weight, go too hard at exercise, not any exercise, not enough sleep – physical stress; focusing on the computer or paperwork for extended periods of time – mental stress.

Cortisol protects our bodies from the effects of adrenalin, attempting to keep our blood pressure in check, distribute glucose to our muscles and look after our alertness to keep us going under stress. Unfortunately, the constant drain on our adrenal glands means our bodies need to create a lot of these hormones to keep us going. And it’s a drain on our energy too.

Waking unrefreshed, having a dip at 11am or 2pm, coming good around 6pm and hitting a wall at 9:30pm have all been shown to be related to an imbalance in cortisol. As have sugar cravings.

There are some very easy lifestyle choices you can implement to re-balance your cortisol:

  1. Lay flat
  2.  Feel Joy/Laughter
  3. Swap coffee/sugar for nutrients – such as vitamins, minerals, herbs.
  4. Gentle non-competative exercise – particularly best at those times of the day you are most tired.

There are also an amazing array of herbs called adaptogens that help look after your adrenals: Withania, Rhodiola, Renmannia and the Ginseng, just to name a few. Lastly, there are particular vitamins and nutrients associated with supporting these hormones. The main ones are B vitamins, Zinc, Vitamin C and Magnesium. It is essential to have the best understanding of your current vitamin and mineral status as well as accurate levels of cortisol through testing or a thorough clinical questioning, through Iris Diagnosis, both of these can be done with your Naturopath.

Thyroid hormones are looked after by your thyroid gland located at your throat. Its main job is to look after your metabolism. Your metabolism governs how you maintain your weight, your temperature and your growth. When out of balance all of this becomes more difficult. Vitamins and minerals essential for thyroid function are Vitamin D, A, C and E as well as Selenium and Iodine. Some herbs that can be helpful include Withania, Kelp and Hemidesmus. Getting the correct testing done is essential to find out the current state of your thyroid – these tests include TSH, T3, FreeT4, Thyroid anitbodies . Your Naturopath can help order these through functional pathology laboratories.
Your female hormones play a major role in a balanced moodsex driveweight maintenance and even pain threshold. Eostrogen comes in three forms, 2 of which have actually been shown to be pro-inflammatory and increase the amount of pain messages your body gets. Low progesterone can wreak havoc with sex drive. Lastly, testosterone is a bit of a go-getter hormone and without it, life can appear a little lackluster and the tiredness associated with low testosterone also effects sex drive.
Sex hormones require enough protein, cholesterol, B vitamins and Magnesium to form and they also depend on your liver to process them and get them out efficiently to maintain a balance. There are an enormous amount of herbs and essential oils, vitamin E and zinc that can help balance your sex hormones depending on which are high, low or otherwise. One of the best hormone modulators for women is Vitex or Chaste Tree, it does wonders for PMS and mood. Again, getting your hormones checked either via salivary hormone testing or blood testing, as well as proper clinical questioning, is essential to assess where your hormones are at present.
Lastly, every hormone in your body will eventually make its way through your liver. It is an essential organ to maintain the balance of hormones floating around your system and making their way out. One of the most effective ways to have a clean slate when it comes to your hormones and a springboard for losing weight and being happier would be liver detoxification. Naturopaths are fantastic at detoxification and have access to some amazing herbs, such as Dandelion and St Mary’s Thistle, as well as vitamins and nutrients like B’s, Zinc and Magnesium and Protein.
So not only will a Naturopath be able to pin point and educate you on your individual needs but also be able to guide you through testing, herbs, vitamins/nutrients and lifestyle choices that can bring your particular hormones back into balance naturally.

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