Subluxations – Spinal Misalignment

Do you have a back problem or a health problem?

Subluxations are minor misalignments of the skeletal verterbrae which cause nerve interference or damage.  This leads to  body and brain miscommunication causing malfunction or dis-ease.  At Natural Healing Centre we do spinal care to correct subluxations.

Your nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls and coordinates everything in your body and mind.  When your nerve energy flows abundantly without obstruction, your body and mind are 100% self-communicating, self-healing, self-regulating and robust.

When nerve flow is impeded, similar to static on your mobile phone, you are no longer functioning at 100% and your health and vitality are compromised.

Subluxations are caused by our inability to handle life’s three major stressors, physical, mental-emotional and chemical.

Left uncorrected they have a devastating effect upon human health and well-being, leading to breakdown, malfunction and dis-ease.

The goal is to locate subluxations, remove them and their causes and allow you to heal yourself on every level.

Our practitioners can determine if you have subluxations i.e. Osteopath Paul Turner, Remedial Massage Therapist/TCM Doctor Andrew Moulton, Acupuncturist Scott Brisbane.


The chart below is an illustration indicating which organ system could be affected and the potential symptoms if there is a subluxation at a particular vertebral level.


The difference between pain (effects) and function (clues to underlying causes).


PAIN:  Is the END EFFECT of an underlying pattern of dysfunction and usually occurs in the tissues which are stressed (overloaded , stretched or compressed).

The structures which are painful are simply stressed but may actually be functioning (i.e. coping) – at least until they have a ‘breakdown’ (at which point they may need emergency care to get them back to ‘coping’ once again).

BUT – WHAT IS CAUSING THE STRESS IN THE FIRST PLACE?  Why are the painful structures under load?  This is where function comes into play.


FUNCTION:  The answer to this “why” has more to do with other things going on in our lives.  Often elsewhere, being mentally, emotionally, energetically, environmentally, socially or nutritionally etc.

The physical effects often located in other or distant areas from the site of pain) – which are DYS-FUNCTIONAL (but not always symptomatic) placing load upon the symptomatic tissues, setting them by placing them under stress, or otherwise interfering with (slowing) the natural healing process.

Thus – the underlying PATTERNS of DYS-FUNCTION which are more important to identify address if we expect to achieve long lasting results from any treatment or self-healing work.

This has particular benefit in helping those with complicated and chronic health issues which I am passionate about.  In these cases there is always a lot more going on than merely the tissues causing pain.



Treating symptomatically is like mowing the lawns without pulling up the weeds – whereas identifying the underlying problem patterns is like noticing both the healthy and weedy areas and then pulling up the (primary) weeds (roots and all) and planting healthy seeds (or habits) in their place.


This means a person not only potentially clears their symptoms but they also improve long term inner well-being and health (by learning how to feed the flower of health and starve the weed of disease – so to speak and thus get healthier).


If anyone has any questions or wants to learn more on how to start the healing process please contact the clinic to find out more.







Keeping your Kids Healthy and Happy with Osteopathy

A child’s health and well being can benefit from Osteopathy.  Infants, children and teenagers generally have plenty of energy and enthusiasm for life, bouncing back from colds, flues, accidents and other life stresses, usually quite well provided their inner health is well, their posture is balanced and habit patterns and technique with other life and sporting activity are good.


However, there are many things in life that can hinder the natural healing process and cause stress and strain on growing bodies.  For example – imagine a tiny baby about to be born, contained snugly (hopefully) within Mum’s abdomen and pelvis It is about to take its first journey into the world.  If mums pelvis is a bit imbalanced and restricted it may not be able to yield correctly through the birth process and so this tiny little baby may come out with a slightly tilted or squished head (so mum’s – its sometimes good to make sure you are all balanced also).  A babies head can sometimes be jammed in mum’s pelvis for many weeks prior to birth.  Then there is the birth itself.  Normally this is a natural process but parts of the body can be compressed or subject to excessive traction resulting in a wide range of health problems from reflux, to irritability, behavioural problems, excessive head tilting or bumping, suckling issues, digestive difficulties and so on.  Furthermore after birth some of these restrictions may resolve themself but what if something gets jammed or over stretched and can’t resolve itself.  This can have long term effects on growth and development because the tissues need even stresses placed upon them for even development (and may, if not even, contribute to postural problems later in life such as a scoliosis).  Then this little baby starts to crawl, stand and then walk, often having a tumble or two and sometimes a severe knock.  Maybe there are restrictions in the body that contribute to fluid drainage problems or respiratory difficulties such as asthma, not to mention colds and flues, which are all propounded when the little one begins swimming or dance lessons, sporting activities, and goes to school.


Sometimes poor postural or sporting habits develop (e.g. sitting poorly at school, carrying a bag always on the same side), sometimes on their own or sometimes a consequence of an old unresolved injury.  Then there are falls out of trees and off the monkey bars? God forbid.  We can’t stop children (or even adults) from doing these things, and in many cases these are great and necessary experiences.   All of these things are a natural part of a person’s life experience.


So, is there any need to worry? Of course not – All that is required is to keep an eye on a Childs growth and development and make sure all is progressing as it should.  If you notice something isn’t right, something is crooked or not developing as it should or behaviour changes (in a less healthy way – especially after an accident), or a child has poor posture, is irritable, gets constant colds, or ear trouble, or an ankle sprain is not resolving in a normal time frame, etc – these are all signs that something is not right – that things aren’t flowing and clearing as they should.


So – What can you do the check everything is ok?  Osteopathy may be able to help.  When my kids aren’t right I assess their posture, outwardly and also inwardly for their inner health, balance and well being – to make sure everything is flowing, balanced and function ok.   If it is ok – this gives me the confidence to know nature is sorting things out naturally and all is ok.  I know not to panic and that the cold, flu, strain or other issue will more than likely resolve itself in time.  So I watch and wait.

When not right, the tissues, organs, energy and rhythms are not flowing, may be congested or blocked – telling me the system is not coping and need some support to regain this balanced state.   This is where treatment may help, either direct Osteopathic treatment which works more with massage, manipulation, joint movements or indirect (cranio-sacral/biodynamic) Osteopathy (either or both depending on the practitioner approach and needs of the tissues – which an assessment will determine) which is more subtle, energetic and working (without pressure) on the inner rhythms, tissues, fluids and organs of the body to bring the whole back into a healthy functioning state.  This latter approach (which some of our practitioners practice) is particularly useful for resolving many of the developmental problems mentioned above, and is very gentle and effective on infants, children and those with difficult and chronic and complicated health concerns (and which involve the inter-relation of many systems of the body).