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Elizabeth Conder|Naturopath

I love it when people  are excited about their own life and good health is a big part of that. Naturopathy has always been an interest of mine since I was a small child, I remember looking at Kombucha and wondering what is was as it looked weird. I love it now and I have it daily. My mother is very interested in natural foods as she used to be a cook.

I also love the EBT as it is such an effective technique for intolerance, usually what we crave or have to have, we had an intolerance to. Theses intolerance’s can be assisted with EBT. I’m glad more people are taking an interest in the quality of their food these days. If you cannot grow your own, buy organic. It’s far more affordable in the long run, when you have good health, one enjoys life.

I love giving the NAET treatments but especially the emotional NAETS (EBT) as this really can alleviate a lot of the blockages or emotions we hold onto that we don’t always need.

Don’t forget I am offering $40.00 off an initial consultation with 10% off any follow up appointments during the month of April, this is gives you an opportunity to get to know me and see how I can help you! (Codeword for claiming this offer is “Fun In Life”)

I also offer Iridology photo and assessment for $45.00.

Call Ferny Creek on 03 9755 1900 to make an appointment.

Yours in Health
Elizabeth Conder.

April Practitioner Of The Month: Elizabeth Conder – Naturopath

Elizabeth Conder|Naturopath

Elizabeth Conder: April Practitioner Of The Month

Liz is our Practitioner of the Month this April. We are proud to have her here as a Naturopath at our clinic and would love to share a little about her!

Liz has been practising Naturopathy for 5 years and her passion is to restore body function and balance in her patients. She practises the techniques of Naturopathy, Iridology, Homeopathy. She enjoys utilising Herbal medicine, Nutrition and EBT (Energy Balancing Technique) to help with food and environment intolerance. If you require body work and massage Elizabeth can assist you with that as well and can deal with aches and pains of muscles and ligaments in your body so that you feel 100% again.

For the month of April Liz is offering the following:

$40.00 off an initial consultation with 10% off any follow up appointments during the month of April. (Codeword for claiming this offer is “Fun In Life”)

Liz also offers Iridology photo and assessment for $45.00.

Please call our Ferny Creek Clinic for an appointment with Liz on 03 9755 1900. And keep your eye out over the coming month for more information on Liz!

(Offer is valid until the 30/04/2016)