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At the Natural Healing Centre we specialise in handling pain with spinal care using a number of different modalities.  We do a range of techniques for back pain and disease such as arthritis, inflammation, muscle spasm, pinched nerves of the spine and joints, to help restore structural integrity of the body.  We also assist with migraines, headaches and cluster headaches.  The modality used is tailored to suit the individuals needs.

With over 40 years experience in the Centre, dealing with spinal health and problems, it may be a combination of techniques or just one that gives relief to someone coming into our practice.  The following is a list of techniques applied to healing and restoration of muscle, bone and ligament health and the relevant Practitioners;

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage – Nerida   Liz

deep tissue massage

Muscle, Bone and Ligament Manipulation – Nerida   Scott

Cranio Sacral Technique – Scott  

Acupuncture, Dry Needling and Cupping – Scott  

cupping acupuncture


Osteopathic Treatments – Paul

Bowen Technique Sessions – Nerida

Alexander Technique Posture Correction – Nerida

Therapeutic Exercises – Nerida  Paul

Energy Balancing Technique for disc, muscle, bone, ligament, cartilage and sciatic nerve – Nerida  Liz   


Using one or a combination of any of the above systems of healing can be employed on any one patient when coming to  the clinics for treatment.  With such a wide range of skills there are very few patients we can’t help.

If you know one of these modalities have worked for you then feel free to call and ask for this treatment.  If you don’t know which will help you resolve your pain, inflammation or muscle spasming then leave it up to our highly experienced Doctors and Practitioners to advise which will assist your body’s healing journey.

We look forward to helping you in achieving natural pain relief to get you moving again.

Call Ferny Creek 9755 1900 or Mitcham 9873 0966.




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