Cell Wellbeing Programme


Do you want to access the key to your optimal health choices? Maybe you’re sick of wasting time and money on vitamin and mineral supplements and nutritional programs, never really knowing if they’re doing their job…

With just 4 strands of your hair and their follicles, we can unlock a deeper level of cellular insight and get you started on your Cellular Wellbeing path to better health.

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The journey to optimal health is made simple by our easy to follow programme. We will assist you along the way with our short online information guides available for download. Or, contact us directly at any time for support with your programme.

  1. Order your Cell Wellbeing Program online here (add to cart above)
  2. You will receive your Express Post envelope and zip lock bag in the mail. Follow the instructions inside by putting your hair sample in the zip lock bag. Then simply post your sample back to us, along with the completed information form.
  3. Your hair will be analysed and then we will provide you with your comprehensive, 37-page report, either by email or post.
  4. Once you have received your report, you can start your 90 day journey to optimal health by following the recommendations made by our highly qualified Naturopaths in the report.

**For an additional cost, book an optional phone consultation with one of our practitioners who will explain the report of your hair analysis in detail.

The Cell Wellbeing analysis includes:

  • The key optimisation overview;
  • Separate sections for Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty acids, Antioxidants, Amino acids, Toxin analysis, Microbiology, EMF/ELF indicators;
  • Your recommended 90 day food avoidance plan (note: this is NOT an allergy test) – this shows foods to remove from your diet for a 90 day period for better balance;
  • Your recommended 90 day food additive avoidance;
  • Your personal Optimise Naturally 90 day plan.

The key to optimising your health is knowing what you you need to create balance in your body and its cells. With depleted soils that don’t necessarily meet our nutrient requirements, even though you may think you are eating nutritionally, your body could still not be receiving its vitamin and mineral requirements.

Knowledge and personalised insight equals power! With your detailed Cell Wellbeing results, you will have the right tools to combine fresh foods with vital supplements to optimise your body’s health naturally.