Health Practitioners with a caring and experienced approach

Our team of health practitioners is unique. With combined experience of more than 40 years, many on the team have also worked together for more than 20 years.

This long term, consultative team approach to health care is becoming more and more unusual. Clinics are often just places where disparate practitioners have individual offices.

Natural Healing Centre operates with a team and consultative focus so that every patient is cared for in a wholistic and complete way.

Degree qualified

Unlike many practitioners working in alternative therapies, every member of our team is degree qualified.

All our practitioners work in a multi-disciplinary way. You get the benefits of this cross modality approach of assessing and treating so ailments heal sooner and you are restored to full health, energy and vitality. 

Meet our practitioners

Each practitioner has years of experience, varied areas of qualification and expertise, a multi-disciplinary approach and a personal philosophy of excellence that informs their practice.

You can meet each person and learn a little about them and how they will work with you on the following pages:

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