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Our Osteopath at Ferny Creek Paul Turner has written a little about himself, and we would love to share this with you!


“I seem to feel the most inspired and passionate when I am teaching (sharing information) about health, self- awareness and assessment (running workshops etc) and also when, in treatment, very interesting and wonderful things are happening (as often happens when tuning in to the energies and rhythms within the human mechanism).    Otherwise anything involving time with my children bring a smile to my being.

I chose my modality because I knew I wanted to do something involving healing and using my hands.  Little did I realise (till a little way down the track) that Osteopathy was perfectly suited as its foundations are based upon holistic philosophy and principles.   These principles always rang true but it took a number of years to understand their true significance and to put them into practice with knowing and awareness.  The human being is a remarkable instrument and there is an intelligence within that knows (better than we do) exactly what is going on and will guide us as to what is needed, provided we learn to listen to it and trust it’s guidance.   I liked the philosophy because it focused upon treating people (not just parts with symptoms) and rather than focus on effects it more identifies patterns within the body contributing to the manifestation of the symptom picture and which are most interfering with recovery (i.e. focuses on improving overall function rather than just relieving pain).  Through identifying these patterns we can better treat to support the self-healing mechanisms to promote health and well being within the patient.

What I wish more people knew about is that there are different degrees of holistic treatment and the more holistic a person is the more anatomy of the whole is explored and the wider the range and scope of issues that one can potentially help with (due to exploring more relationships within the whole person and their effects on the presenting problem).

How can I help those in need:  Rather than assess and treat only the musculoskeletal system (i.e. the musculoskeletal whole or part thereof), I like to add in an awareness of how the other elements of the physical body (i.e. organ systems) and the rest of the whole being (psychological, energetic, environmental and spiritual) are effecting health and well being.  By looking at the relationships between all of these aspects of the whole person (as well as assessing for past trauma patterns within the body and their influence on the present issue) I find it easier to understand what is happening in any individual case and thus treat more effectively.   I treat people to help them develop more self awareness and healthier patterns of functioning.   So, if you have an issue (simple, complex or unusual even), and want to know if I can help, please give me a call and ask?

String Analogy:

If health were likened to a straight piece of string and dis-ease the same string tied into numerous knots (which are more numerous and entangled in those with chronic health issues) the self-healing mechanisms will show us which knots to unravel and when.   By noticing where a healthy end of the string into the first knot one can begin unravelling it and once clear, we can follow it as it enters the next knot and so on until we arrive at an increasingly disentangled healthy string.   By treating in the right order and releasing patterns of dysfunction in the whole person setting up the presenting issue or otherwise slowing its recovery, I find patients can achieve better and longer lasting results.” by Paul Turner

Thank you for sharing Paul!

Call to make an appointment with Paul at our Ferny Creek Clinic 03 9755 1900.

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