Nutritionist providing sound advice and nutritional medicine

  • Do you feel tired after eating?
  • Having trouble managing your weight?
  • Does food and eating sometimes feel like a battle?

Experiencing any issues around food and nutrition can be exhausting. It may be your own struggle or that of a loved one.

To make things worse is the information overload you face when it comes to diet, what to eat, what not to eat, food sensitivities, exercise and more.

Our nutritionist team work with compassion and a wholistic approach so your body gets what it needs via the right diet and the healing properties of nutritional medicine.

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Will the Nutritionist prescribe a diet that is difficult to follow?

Any dietary and nutrition advice we provide is tailored to your body and lifestyle, in close consultation with you.

Difficulties with nutrition often relate to a number of different things. Because we treat your whole body, the path to wellness and health is faster. Because we use all natural remedies and nutritional medicine tailored to your body, it is gentle.

Once greater balance is restored in your body, any dietary changes will be easier to implement and manage.

What treatments will the Nutritionist recommend?

The big difference about The Natural Healing Centre is that all of our practitioners are multi-disciplinary. This means we don’t just assess one aspect of your health. You are treated wholistically.

Along with recommending nutritional medicine, your treatment may involve a number of elements including:

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