The menopause is an unavoidable change that every woman will experience most commonly between the ages of 42 and 58.  It is often referred to as “the change of life” and it marks the end of a woman’s reproductive life.  Man-OPause (Andropause) is experienced by men, with a lowering of their hormones at a similar age, but more so between 55 and 65.

Female Menopause

There are three stages to “menopause”

  • Menopause – refers to the last or final menstrual period a woman experiences.
  • Peri-Menopause – refers to the time leading to menopause when a woman may start experiencing changes.  Some of the more common changes are listed below.
  • Post-Menopause – refers to the time and starts one year after the last menstrual period.

There are many symptoms that some women will experience leading up to this transition and can be categorised as physical and psychological symptoms of menopause.

Physical Symptoms of Menopause;

  • Irregular periods.
  • Hot flushes and night sweats.
  • Breast tenderness.
  • Joint aches and pain.
  • Urinary frequency.
  • Vaginal dryness.
  • Loss of libido.
  • Severe exhaustion.
  • Flu like symptoms.
  • Heavy flooding of periods.

Psychological Symptoms of Menopause;

  • Mood changes.
  • Anxiety.
  • Irritability.
  • Forgetfulness.
  • Trouble concentrating and making decisions.
  • Depression.

These effects are related to the hormonal changes a woman’s body is going through and they affect each woman to a different extent.

Male menopause

Also known as Andropause, has symptoms such as, hot flushes, exhaustion, low sex drive, impotence, depression, teariness, lack of motivation and insomnia.

Treatment involves;

  • Herbal medicine to boost DHEA (Adrenal Hormone) responsible for the production of testosterone.
  • Herbs to boost testosterone directly.
  • Nutritional protocols to help a male get through Andropause with as little symptoms as possible.

Menopause Treatment Available

Menopause Treatment is varied and may include;

  • Exercises, specific to stimulating ovary function.
  • Herbs and herbal tonics.
  • Vitamin supplements including Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E and Zinc.
  • Traditional Chinese Supplements.
  • Dietary advice.
  • Relaxation massage to promote release of stagnation and improve circulation.
  • DHEA hormone supplement.  This assists in the production of testosterone, progesterone and Estrogen.
  • Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Our practitioners are able to help alleviate symptoms while still allowing the Change of Life to occur – naturally

For the very severe cases, a Menopause Treatment using Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is one option.  Our medical Doctors at Ferny Creek will test your hormones through saliva, urine and blood.  Based on the results, a script is then made up as a personalized troche (lozenge type tablet) and given to alleviate the severe symptoms and restore the female’s or male’s hormonal balance to something closer to her/his normal premenopausal/preman-opausal state.

Bio–Identical Hormones match in structure the hormones that are produced in the body, even though they have been synthesized to pharmaceutical–grade purity, unlike non-bio-identical hormones which differ structurally from the hormones produced in the human body. Whilst they too may relieve menopausal symptoms, they are prone to produce many unwanted side effects and may complicate the patients Menopause Treatment.


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