A treatment from a skilled massage therapist can turn your life around

You deserve a life lived to the fullest. You deserve health, happiness and energy.

Massage is a term often associated with luxury treatments, something you only do rarely.

What if you knew that massage – even on a semi-regular basis – could aid in keeping you healthier, helping you sleep better, reduce stress in your life, and minimise any niggling pains?

All of these conditions are ones that many people put up with until they deteriorate into something more serious.

This ends up costing you time, health and money as then you have to get treated for an acute problem that may require time off work and other costs.

If any of these issues sound familiar to you and you’ve been putting up with them for too long, please call us now.

The one hour session includes a full assessment, treatment and a written program for your health.


Our remedial massage therapists are all qualified naturopaths so you get a full and comprehensive diagnosis

If you are in acute pain or suffering with a debilitating condition like insomnia our massage therapists will provide treatment and some relief within your first session. They will also diagnose deeper issues and recommend a treatment plan so you are back to full health faster.

This is one of the Natural Healing Centre differences.

Whereas some remedial massage therapists may simply provide a treatment that alleviates symptoms in the short term, our practitioners are trained across many disciplines so can get to the heart of your condition.

What can I expect from the massage therapist?

Every treatment session at the Natural Healing Centre starts by asking questions and listening to your answers.

You may receive a combination of massage, spinal manipulation and other treatments depending on what your issues are. This makes for better long term recovery and increases your health, happiness and energy.

To see the range of massage treatment types and conditions that massage can help with please read more here on our massage treatment page.

A whole team on your side

Your Natural Healing Centre remedial massage therapist is not only multi-disciplinary themselves, they also work closely with a team of wholistic health practitioners.

This means you get the benefit of the consultation and shared expertise that takes place in this environment. Your confidentiality is never compromised. Your health improves more quickly as your massage therapist may identify that you can benefit from other modalities such as:

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