Your iridologist gets to the underlying cause

  • Do you sometimes feel sluggish for no apparent reason?
  • Does a loved one complain about digestive issues?
  • Is someone you know tired and grumpy all the time?

These are the kinds of complaints that some medical practitioners would shrug off and tell you something not very helpful like: ‘get more sleep’ or ‘eat better’.

In many cases issues like these are connected to lowered or poor organ functioning.

Your Natural Healing Centre iridologist will both relieve symptoms AND address the underlying cause.

The benefit to you? Long term health improvement rather than just a temporary fix like a sleeping pill or antacid tablet.

Every naturopath at Natural Healing Centre is also a trained and experienced iridologist. In fact, a FREE iris diagnosis is part of your initial consultation. That’s how integral iridology is to your overall health. It is part of our foundation assessment.


Iridologists work to prevent ill health

When we use iridology you are getting a twofold health treatment:

  1. Swift analysis of current health problems, the organs they relate to and the most appropriate treatment
  2. Insight into any potential problem areas, we can catch these before they take hold so you stay healthy and well


How does iridology work and what can I expect?

Iridology is a painless process by which the iridologist analyses your iris to obtain vital information about your health.

At Natural Healing Centre your iridology treatment will be part of a general session with your naturopath.

The result of the iridology assessment will be a range of recommended treatments including, but not limited to:

Part of a whole body treatment plan

Iridology works in conjunction with these other modalities. An integrated approach to health is by far the most successful way to move forward from illness or pain that is holding you back.

Whatever your health concern or issue – please contact us today.

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