The Practitioners at the Natural Healing Centre do not believe in drugging children to control their behavior!!!

There are no scientific methods or blood testing that can be done to diagnose a child with ADD or ADHD. Is it therefore just a made-up or created label to explain your child’s out of control behaviour?

As Naturopathic Physcian’s with extensive knowledge in nutrition and its role in the health and well being of a child, we have found the following can cause your child to start biting, scratching, crying or bouncing off the walls:

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Spinal misalignments
  • Poor eye sight or hearing
  • Infections that have gone undetected especially fungal infections such as Candida
  • Food intolerances / sensitivities
  • Poor immunity causing repeated illness

Each of the above categories can be a major contributing factor as to why your child acts like a “maniac”, has mothers in tears and dads ready to pull their hair out.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Magnesium deficiency can cause your child to have trouble settling for sleep and make it hard for them to calm down and be still, thereby affecting their concentration and moods the next day. Another example being if they won’t eat fish, their fish oils may be deficient which can cause hyper activity and lower immunity.

Spinal misalignments

If your child’s neck is out of place, they can have increased irritability and it can inhibit the blood nerve and lymph flow to their brain, ( the central nervous system) causing much emotional disturbance!

Poor eye sight or hearing

We have found children with poor eyesight or hearing often misbehave at school, this may be due to the fact they are bored and are lacking comprehension of what’s going on in class. This is then seen as bad behavior and translated into a diagnosis of ADD.


Constant runny noses, itchy bottoms, skin rashes or excema can be a sign of Candida, an over growth of yeast in the digestive system, often brought on by giving your children sometimes much needed antibiotics. This is easily treated and avoided by the use of good bacteria and the prescribing of anti fungal herbs. This condition may cause depression, irritability and poor concentration, due to the brain fog often experienced with candida.

Food intolerances / sensitivities

This is a very common one…..a child eats sugar and you could swear you just gave them speed. A child consumes red colouring and suddenly transforms into a destructive little monster, angry and then crying over nothing!

And so the list goes on, but the good news is all of these causes can be addressed with natural means and good diagnostic skills which leads a family to a real solution.

Isn’t this better than resorting to sedating your child with high doses of amphetamines which have severe and long lasting side effects? Such as an enlarged heart, dark depressive moods leading to child suicide, and in the mean time your babies inherent personality disappearing into a bio chemical robotic haze often seen by parents while drugging their child on addictive pharmaceuticals.



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