With many complementary therapies services, you have to choose which modality is best for your condition. This limits your options and can prevent full recovery and health.

Natural Healing Centre is unique in that all of our complementary therapies practitioners are multi-disciplinary.

This is an outstanding and empowering point of difference. It means that we assess your whole body, using a range of methodologies. It’s wholistic, person centred and your optimum health is at the heart of every consultation and decision.

One hour initial Naturopathic consultation

  • We take an extensive health and whole person history
  • May also include Energy balancing or Massage and manipulation treatment- depending on what you need
  • Iris image and diagnosis
  • You take away a written program for your health

New clients repeatedly tell us how relieved and appreciative they are – that someone has finally listened, cared and also provided immediate treatment.


Whole body care

As we are all multi-disciplined you can usually get all the complementary therapies treatments you need from one practitioner.

However should you require a more specialised aspect of care (for example, from our GP of integrated medicine) then it is quick and easy for us to refer you in-house.

Personalised / Tailored program

Every body is unique and you get a program that is tailored specifically to you. No generic treatment packages or sessions.

Whole team input

We’re a close team with 40 years combined experience and, for many of us, up to 30 years working together. So when you see one of us, you get the benefit of whole team input and expertise.

All our staff are degree qualified (not just diploma) and have deep knowledge along with years of experience and positive health outcomes for clients.

This is not a practice where practitioners pay for a room and operate independently. Our approach is holistic, whole team and wholly committed to your health.

You save money

Financial wellness is part of our lives and our health. Because you can get so many treatment types from one practitioner, you save valuable money on services.

No need to book a separate appointment for massage, iridology and homeopathy. Our multi-discipline complementary therapies practitioners treat your whole body with a range of methods.

And because we work in this consultative, whole team way, we find that people’s health improves quickly.

We have longstanding relationships with most of our clients and love being part of people’s lives over many years, especially through different stages including starting families, caring for children and the changing health needs as people move into later years.

But our goal is to restore your health and get you living well. We never keep you coming back just for the sake of it.

Talk to us today to see how we can help you…