A herbalist can restore your health and vitality

More energy, better health, greater happiness.

These are things we would all like. And they can be achieved! You don’t have to go it alone or put up with always feeling run down, depressed or stressed.

Your first session with one of our herbalists includes a full assessment, a treatment (so you start to feel better straight away) and your own written program, which may include herbal remedies, to restore you to full health.

Does a herbalist only treat certain conditions?

The healing properties of plants and herbal remedies have been proven for all kinds of conditions over hundreds of years. Conditions our herbalists can assist with include (but are not limited to):

  • Digestive, stomach, irritable bowel and other internal issues
  • Headaches, migraines and other body pains
  • Depression, low energy, lack of motivation
  • Stress, anxiety, high blood pressure
  • Hyperactivity and ADD/ADHD
  • Hormone imbalances, fertility issues
  • Insomnia, arthritis, respiratory and other ongoing issues

Book now and get $20 off your first consultation. The one hour session includes a full assessment, treatment and a written program for your health.


How will the herbalist work with me?

Your treatment is wholistic and patient-focussed. This means we talk to you and listen to what is going with your whole body and your whole life.

Because all of our herbalists are also multi-disciplinary practitioners you get the benefit of diagnosis and treatment across several modalities. Health problems are resolved more quickly and in a more long term way – not just a quick fix.

Your treatment may include herbal remedies and also involve a number of elements including:

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