Gentle, effective treatment from our Craniosacral Therapist

Release pain and tension. Restore your body to health and mobility.

Just one session with our Craniosacral Therapist can have you feeling better. Many patients report immense relief from pain, tension and restriction after the first session and an increased sense of energy and wellbeing.

This gentle therapy is suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions. Whether you experience chronic, long term pain or have an acute injury or issue, please contact us.

The one hour session includes a full assessment, treatment and a written program for your health.


How does craniosacral therapy work?

This technique uses a gentle, hands on touch to restore balance to the body. It is not painful and does not manipulate the body in an aggressive way.

It can provide relief and healing from many conditions and issues including:

  • Headaches, migraines and other pains
  • Tension, stress and other emotional issues
  • Central nervous system disorders

You can read more about the technique and its successful applications on our craniosacral therapy page.

Multi-disciplinary practitioner caring for your whole body

You receive a wholistic assessment and treatment that means your body can recover and restore more quickly to full health.

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