Fertility Treatment

Couples having difficulties conceiving often have imbalances and pre-natal deficiencies which can easily be rectified by a change of diet and achieving overall vitality as nature intended.

At the Natural Healing Centre we have been successfully assisting couples with Natural Fertility / conception for many years by bringing the body back into health and harmony.

Before Pregnancy – Natural Fertility – Infertility

Making a few very important dietary changes, specific herbal preparations and pre-natal supplements, conception may be achieved. These few changes are part of an ancient Chinese Philosophy in which they believe that ‘warming’ the system by strengthening the vitality of certain internal organs and avoiding or adding certain foods to your diet, with fertility increased.

In addressing Natural fertility, both male and female conception issues are considered.

A successful tool to aid fertility is the Sympto-Thermal Chart.  This allows the woman to record and chart her menstrual cycle noting changes during her cycle, to show the Practitioner and the patient the correlation between several indicators of fertility.  This method can be used successfully for natural contraception as well.  It includes checking for fertile mucus secretions mid-cycle as well as what is known as the Lunar (moon) Phase Cycle.

Females should cease taking the contraceptive pill at least six months before conception.  Conception that occurs immediately after cessation of the contraceptive pill may increase the risk of birth defects and spontaneous abortion.  The pill also increases the body’s need for Vitamin B6, B1, C, Folic Acid, B12 and Zinc, all very essential for a healthy conception, pregnancy and birth.

During Pregnancy – Natural Fertility – Infertility

  • Pregnant women should eat according to their intuition, as intuition is heightened at this time.
  • Avoid soft cheeses, pate ready to eat meats including deli-meat, smoked and raw seafood, sushi, pre-packed/pre-prepared/self-serve fruit or vegetable salads, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, soft serve ice cream and thick shakes, tofu and tempeh.
  • Avoid unpasteurised milk and unpasteurised milk products.
  • Avoid all intoxicants and strong substances.  For example, alcohol, cigarettes, illicit drugs and unnecessary medications.
  • Avoid bitter herbs.
  • Replace refined foods with whole, fresh foods.  For example, use whole grains instead of white bread and include mineral rich sweeteners such as rice, barley, malt, honey or molasses.
  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables instead of canned or frozen.
  • Maintain a gentle, moderate exercise program – outdoors if possible in sunlight and fresh air.
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals.
  • Have plenty of rest and relaxation.
  • Avoid raw eggs, raw meat, chicken or seafood, shellfish, fish with possible high levels of mercury, allergenic foods, artificial sweeteners, caffeine and over the counter medications (check with your practitioner first).
  • Choose low salt foods.

At the Natural Healing Centre we have developed a Pregnancy Kit including, vitamin supplements and homeopathics:

  • Pulsatilla – Strengthens contractions.
  • Caulophyllum – Tones the uterus and strengthens contractions.
  • Arnica – Helps prevent haemorrhaging, eases swelling and bruising.
  • Rescue Remedy – Calms and settles the emotions – for mum and dad.
  • Kali Phos – Prevents exhaustion and the shakes after during and after delivery.
  • Vitamin C – Helps to strengthen wall of blood vessels and therefore less likely to haemorrhage.  To be taken from 8 months of pregnancy and on.
  • B Complex – Strengthens nerves prior to birth – for both mum and dad.
  • Raspberry Leaf – Aids delivery of the placenta.  Tones the uterus, facilitates labour and assists the shrinking of the uterus and is excellent in assisting milk production after birth.

A Pregnancy Care Pro-Biotic – a dose specific for pregnancy, may also be recommended by your practitioner. A pregnancy specific pro-biotic will provide the mother and baby in-utero and as an infant, beneficial microbes with many health benefits, including 50% less likelihood of allergies in infancy.

Pregnancy *Pro-Biotic Benefits for the MOTHER

  • Symptomatic relief of lactational mastitis
  • Higher probiotic content within breast milk – also beneficial to the infant
  • Supports digestive health / function
  • Supports healthy bowel habits
  • Supports healthy intestinal and urogenital flora
  • Supports a normal healthy immune system
  • Supports normal healthy glucose levels

Pregnancy *Pro-Biotic Benefits for the INFANT

  • Supports healthy microbial balance
  • May decrease incidence of atopic eczema
  • Supports healthy growth patterns
  • Assists in reduction of colic
  • Aids enzyme production

When morning sickness is a problem Vitamin K, B6 and Evening Primrose Oil may be of some benefit.  Ginger in cooking also aids in reducing nausea along with ginger tea and organic ginger beer.  Smaller meals and snacks rather than three larger meals a day, may also assist in reducing morning sickness.  During this time it is important for the mother-to-be to remain hydrated.  If fluid cannot be held down, the use of an electrolyte powder, such as Endura, dissolved in water to make ice blocks may assist with hydration.

Birth – Natural Fertility

At the Natural Healing Centre our care continues after your baby is born.

It is recommended that the mother has a check up after the birth to ensure her pelvis and spine are in alignment.  Additional supplements and homeopathics may be required as detailed earlier to assist with lactation and other post-natal issues.

Your baby too, after spending nine months in-utero and travelling down the birth canal may require some gentle massage for spinal mobilization of the mid-back.  Gastric reflux and teething can also be assisted with homeopathic drops, herbal medicines and
Dr Schuessler’s Cell Salts.

*Source : Medicine Bioceuticals Trade Journal Summer 2013 Vol 68

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