Complementary GP combines conventional and integrative medicine for full body health

Feel better. Regain full health. Enjoy energy and vitality.

These are simple notions, but ones that can feel unattainable.

If you have ever been to a GP and told you ‘just have to live with it’ when it comes to low energy or poor health, please contact us and book an appointment with our Complementary GP.

Also known as Integrative Medicine GPs, these are medically trained doctors who combine conventional treatment with alternative and complementary therapies. They prefer to use natural remedies and are interested in whole body health and healing – not just prescribing to fix symptoms alone.

The one hour session includes a full assessment, treatment and a written program for your health.


There is relief for chronic, long term conditions

Many patients come to us at the end of their tether. It is a great privilege to see people walk away so relieved and appreciative. After one session people already feel better, knowing they’ve been truly listened to and heard.

Our Complementary GP works with you in a wholistic way. You will get a personalised care plan to address the root of your condition and restore your health, energy and vitality.

Part of a multi-disciplinary team

Get the full benefits of a practice where all of our team have a multi-disciplinary focus. GPs with a solely western medical approach can be limited in how they treat you and alternative therapies that can bring relief from pain and a speedier path to recover.

Our team works closely and collaboratively so if the integrative medicine GP sees that you require or can benefit from a treatment such as massage or acupuncture, we have the skills and practitioners in house.

Talk to us today to see how we can help you…