Complementary Medicine

Medical doctors incorporating nutrition, Bio Identical hormones, intravenous treatments and supplementation of vitamins, minerals and herbs while incorporating their knowledge in general practice of medicine.

By combining complementary and conventional medicine, Integrative Doctors work
to support the body as a whole.
Rather than simply suppressing the symptoms, all aspects such as physical, social, psychological, emotional wellbeing are addressed in order to get to the root of the cause and therefore achieve optimal health.

Complementary Therapies are used as a preventative and in the treatment of illness. Blood tests, stool analysis and hair analysis may be suggested to diagnose and correct nutritional deficiencies. These will assist in creating a treatment plan to suit the patients individual case and needs.

Complementary Doctors prefer to treat with substances or therapies that work with the natural processes of the body. Their belief is that by restoring or correcting organic functions or modifying organic functions in a manner that maintains or promotes health they support the body’s healing mechanisms rather than taking over the body’s processes.

Our G.P.s have considerable training in Western Medicine whilst incorporating cutting edge discoveries in the field of Nutritional and Natural Medicine.

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