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Food sources high in L-Methylfolate (Folate)

Food sources high in L-Methylfolate (Folate) Activated form of (Folic Acid) Most leafy green plant sources contain approximately 80% of folate in the active L-methylfolate form.  In other words all of the folate in green plant sources is reduced (ready to be methylated if not already methylated). Virtually none of the folate in fresh food is […]

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Sweets for the holidays with XYLITOL

Have fun baking over the Christmas break, it doesn’t have to be bland when cooking desserts when you are looking at a healthy alternative! Perfect Sweet™ Macaroons (Coconut Cookies) You will need: An electric mixer or wooden spoon A rubber spatula A scone tray lined with baking paper Ingredients: 2 egg whites ½ to ¾ […]

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