Subluxations – Spinal Misalignment

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Do you have a back problem or a health problem? Subluxations are minor misalignments of the skeletal verterbrae which cause nerve interference or damage.  This leads to  body and brain miscommunication causing malfunction or dis-ease.  At Natural Healing Centre we do spinal care to correct subluxations. Your nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls...

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The difference between pain (effects) and function (clues to underlying causes).   PAIN:  Is the END EFFECT of an underlying pattern of dysfunction and usually occurs in the tissues which are stressed (overloaded , stretched or compressed). The structures which are painful are simply stressed but may actually be functioning (i.e. coping) - at least...

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Keeping your Kids Healthy and Happy with Osteopathy

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A child's health and well being can benefit from Osteopathy.  Infants, children and teenagers generally have plenty of energy and enthusiasm for life, bouncing back from colds, flues, accidents and other life stresses, usually quite well provided their inner health is well, their posture is balanced and habit patterns and technique with other life and...

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Osteopathy: Taking Care of Your Body in a Holistic Way

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Do you frequently have headaches?  Is your lower back pain or knee pain preventing you from doing sports or other activities that you enjoy?  Or do you have body pain that just won’t go away?  Osteopathy can help. What is Osteopathy? Osteopathy recognises that all the different parts of our body - skeleton, joints, muscles,...

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