Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia: the Role of Nutrition in Mental Health

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Do you or anyone you know suffer from depression, anxiety or insomnia? Have you considered the role that nutrition plays in these common yet debilitating conditions? There is a growing body of evidence that suggests ensuring adequate nutritional intake can help alleviate the symptoms of these conditions. Nutrition, food intolerances, hormone imbalances and brain hormones...

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Subluxations – Spinal Misalignment

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Do you have a back problem or a health problem? Subluxations are minor misalignments of the skeletal verterbrae which cause nerve interference or damage.  This leads to  body and brain miscommunication causing malfunction or dis-ease.  At Natural Healing Centre we do spinal care to correct subluxations. Your nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls...

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Natural antibiotics can often be more effective than the synthetic medical antibiotics for common infections. Medical antibiotics can be lifesaving in special circumstances but should be used sparingly and on the advice of a specialist or M.D. The following are our choice of natural antibiotics that can be as effective without the unwanted side effects....

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Glutathione is considered to be one of the most important and abundant cellular antioxidants in the body. It is critical for regulating oxidative stress, detoxification and immune function and is most concentrated in the liver, where it is involved in the detoxification process.   As paracetamol is almost completely metabolised by the liver, up to...

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The difference between pain (effects) and function (clues to underlying causes).   PAIN:  Is the END EFFECT of an underlying pattern of dysfunction and usually occurs in the tissues which are stressed (overloaded , stretched or compressed). The structures which are painful are simply stressed but may actually be functioning (i.e. coping) - at least...

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Food sources high in L-Methylfolate (Folate)

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Food sources high in L-Methylfolate (Folate) Activated form of (Folic Acid) Most leafy green plant sources contain approximately 80% of folate in the active L-methylfolate form.  In other words all of the folate in green plant sources is reduced (ready to be methylated if not already methylated). Virtually none of the folate in fresh food is...

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What is MTHFR Gene Mutation?

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MTHFR specifically is a gene that holds the instructions for the enzyme methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. When functioning properly, it is highly efficient at helping our bodies convert vitamin B9 (folate), folic acid into a usable form called methylfolate.  This process is called methylation. When the MTHFR gene is mutated, the capacity to convert vitamin B9 into...

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Cold Laser Therapy

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Cold Laser Therapy is a non invasive drug free option. What is Cold Laser Therapy? Cold Laser Therapy is a non invasive drug free option that offers a natural solution to pain management.  The  cold laser device emits 4 radiances of light that identify and target inflamed tissue without damaging healthy tissue.  The different lasers...

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Natural Medicine can help with Food and Environmental Intolerances

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  There are so many different food and environmental intolerances and sensitivities that affect us these days. Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones and you are not affected by any of them! But how much do you know about these and what it means for the people living with them? We think it’s...

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New Year’s Resolutions! They feel so good to make! It almost feels as though you have already done them. It feels so good to say ’In 2017 I’m going to get fit!’ while you're eating the leftover Christmas ham and pudding. It feels great! The thing about resolutions is there is something missing from them...

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