Get a different kind of answer to your problems from a Bowen Therapist

Have you ever been told: you just have to live with it? If you’d like to hear a different, more compassionate and more useful answer to any health or wellness problem, we can assure that no matter what your issue:

Something Can Be Done About It.

Bowen Therapy is a gentle treatment taking the world by storm.

At Natural Healing Centre many of our practitioners are trained and experience Bowen Therapists who can help people feel significantly better often after just one treatment.

And most conditions require only two or three sessions for you to feel fully restored to health and vitality.

The one hour session includes a full assessment, treatment and a written program for your health.


How does a Bowen therapist work with me?

The techniques that a Bowen therapist uses are very gentle and involve moving your muscles and limbs in a light and pleasant way.

You won’t feel stressed or stretched into uncomfortable positions. Your Bowen Therapist is skilled at using your body’s own natural movements.

Read more here about the remarkable way in which Bowen Therapy Treatment works.

The most significant thing about how our Bowen Therapists work with you is that you are not treated in isolation. Our practitioners are all trained across a range of disciplines including being degree qualified naturopaths.

So your Bowen Therapy treatment is part of a wholistic assessment that includes your whole body and any other modalities that will benefit you.

Save money and time with our consultative approach

Because your Bowen Therapist is multi-disciplinary this means you don’t have to make separate appointments to treat different aspects of your health.

You may simply need a few Bowen therapy sessions to alleviate a painful condition. However your practitioner will undertake a full assessment of your health and body and can then also provide any other treatments you may require.

The benefits of this kind of wholistic approach are many. Your body gains full health faster and for longer when it is treated in this way.

And at a basic – and very important – financial level, it means you don’t have to keep seeing different practitioners. Each session with a Natural Healing Centre Bowen Therapist may also include:

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