An experienced acupuncturist can help transform your health and vitality

What could you achieve if you had more energy?

Everyone struggles from time to time, with illness or injury. Or you may be suffering with a persistent long term complaint such as depression or chronic pain.

Being less than 100% well drains energy.

Our acupuncturist Scott Brisbane is a highly experienced practitioner who excels at restoring health and energy to his clients.

The one hour session includes a full assessment, treatment and a written program for your health.

How will the acupuncturist work with me?

Every treatment session at the Natural Healing Centre starts by asking questions and listening to your answers.

This might sound obvious but if you’ve ever visited an acupuncturist or health practitioner who doesn’t actually listen to you, then you know how alienating that can feel!

An acupuncturist is a skilled diagnostician as well as treatment provider.

So by talking to you and observing you, they can diagnose where the imbalances are in your body that are causing you pain, illness, low energy and a number of other conditions.

Restore balance and get your life back

While the study and practice of acupuncture is complex, its promise and results are simple. By restoring balance in your body a huge range of physical and emotional ailments can be cleared.

Read more here about the many conditions that can be successfully addressed with acupuncture treatment.

Get the benefits of a wholistic team environment

Your Natural Healing Centre acupuncturist works closely with a whole team of naturopaths and other wholistic health practitioners.

This means you get the benefit of the consultation and shared expertise that takes place in this environment. Your confidentiality is never compromised. Your health improves more quickly as your acupuncturist may identify that you can benefit from other modalities such as:

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