New Year’s Resolutions! They feel so good to make! It almost feels as though you have already done them. It feels so good to say ’In 2017 I’m going to get fit!’ while you’re eating the leftover Christmas ham and pudding. It feels great!

The thing about resolutions is there is something missing from them so often; there is no follow through.

So the right way to go about New Years Resolutions is to, yes, have the goal in mind but the thing that will help the follow through is to make a plan that will secure the goal.

The best possible New Year’s Resolution you could make if you have a drug or alcohol problem is ’To get clean and sober!’ which I’m sure you may have uttered before, many many times. The plan would then be the ’how’. As an example, a good plan could be something like this:



  • Talk to your family or support group
  • Make contact with an ’intake coordinator’
  • Make an appointment for an assessment, etc.

The effect of making the decision and allowing the help is enormous. Firstly, your family will finally have a chance to feel relief, to not worry endlessly, to get some well-deserved quality of life. Imagine giving that to them? You could finally give yourself a chance to turn your life around, to start the new chapter, to enjoy life without the endless chase, the looking over your shoulder, the wondering if the lie you told was true or not, the tragedies.

Of course, rehab is hard, but anything worthwhile doing will have its share of confronting moments.

Do you want to remain in this trap? If the answer is no in your mind, you are already half way there.

We can help you make a plan. Please call one of our Intake Coordinators today to get help and to finally realise a great New Year’s Resolution. 1300 88 7676