Tips To Stay Motivated

We often have big plans when the New Year comes around. Make resolutions, aspire to goals. Some we’ve tried to achieve before, while others are brand new. Often we go hard to start with and then very quickly loose our way. So how is it we can stay on track and achieve what our heart desires? Here are a few things that could get you on track and stay motivated.


1. Realistic Goals – look at what you want to achieve. Is the goal realistic, be HONEST with yourself. If it is realistic, ask yourself if it is possible to achieve that in the time frame you have set out? If not what could honestly be achieved in that time frame? Or how about not putting a strict time frame on it?

2. Break It Down – look at the Goal/s you have set. Break it down. More often than not, it’s far easier to achieve your end goal by achieving small ones to help you along the way. What do you have to accomplish in order to get to that end goal? And then ask yourself in what time frame can I realistically achieve those smaller goals. You can go further and break those down again depending on the tasks involved. Write yourself a battle plan and follow it.

3. Support – this is probably one of the MOST important parts of staying motivated and on track. Make sure you have the right support network around you. For example; if you are trying to lose weight make sure you are supported with dietary advice (ie One of our Naturopaths could help with a plan), running a marathon you might need to consider nutrition and an osteopath or masseur (we have those too!). Tell those around you what you are trying to achieve, get them on board and tell them what you need from them in order for you to stay supported and on purpose. Ask yourself if your mind, body, spirit and emotions are being supported through this.

4. Celebrate – As you achieve each little task or goal along the way celebrate it, ask someone to celebrate it with you. Each little step is one step closer to that goal, and by celebrating and recognising the wins that get you there, you will feel empowered and stay motivated. This doesn’t mean go out and binge drink or over eat sugar! Just sharing with someone who cares can be enough to reinforce your wins and keep you going!

5. Press Restart – If you fall “off the wagon” so to speak, tell yourself that’s ok. Give yourself permission to restart. Maybe look at why it didn’t work the first time, and replan. It might be that you need to break down the goals smaller, or are trying to achieve too much too soon. Visit your support networks, hash it out and see what the next step is? Write down what it is you need and want, as necessity breeds success. Putting down your goals on paper, can be really helpful in achieving them. Tell your best friend or family as this reinforces your reality and it will happen. STAY POSITIVE!
Remember you will achieve better results if you are getting the right advice from the right people, if your goal this New Year is health related in any way, make sure you make an appointment with our team at Natural Healing Centre. We have many practitioners that can help you with your goals, from weight loss, to detox, physiological support (Remedial Massage, Osteopathy, Bowen, Spinal Care) for those training, and a even a beauty therapist for helping celebrate those wins or simply to spoil yourself if your goal is to take better care of yourself! Call to take advantage of all our years of experience.
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