May Practitioner of the Month Sam Horton


Sam Horton|Naturopath Practitioner

I once went to a Naturopath because I was feeling run down, moody at times, and having difficulties staying asleep. I was 22 and wasn’t sure what was going on. After several months of feeling this way I went to get some blood tests. They all came back normal, even above normal I was told. But I felt exhausted. Six months later I went to get more tests, same answers again. Then I went to a Naturopath. I told him my story and he told me I was having blood sugar problems. I asked him “how do you know that without looking at any blood tests”. He said that my blood tests didn’t show that I was Diabetic so they would of come back normal. But based on what I was explaining, my blood sugars were waving somewhere between normal and Diabetic which is why I was feeling the way I did. So he adjusted my diet to manage my blood sugars. I followed his advice and I began sleeping normal again, no more moodiness, and day by day I was getting my energy back.

I remember feeling that I was impressed with the Naturopaths understanding of the body. I thought that it would be a good career for myself and I wanted to help people the way he helped me.


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