Staying Motivated



It’s February and by now we are either succeeding or struggling with our New Year’s Resolutions. The motivation initially can be quite easy, and some of us are naturally driven and keep that motivation all the way through, but for the rest of us how do we get back on track? Especially when we are struggling? Here are a few points to help stay or get back on track!

  1. Hit The Reset Button!
    It’s ok to hit the reset button; in fact if you are struggling it’s the ideal way to get back on track. Look at your original goal and figure out if it really is achievable? If not, make a new one!
  2. Hold yourself back!
    We often go full steam ahead when making a goal and motivation is high, but this can quickly lead us to fail as we run out of steam. So pace yourself. Hold back and start off small!
  3. Break It Down!
    Spend some time looking at the End Goal and break it down in to smaller more manageable increments. What steps are you going to take to get to your end point? What are the smaller goals do you need/want to achieve in order to reach that major one?
  4. Find Like Minded Friends!
    Having someone who has goals whether similar to yours or not, makes a huge difference. It gives you someone to share accountability with, to celebrate the successes and help with those days where it is just all too hard! Bounce off each other!
    We are all very good at reminding ourselves of our failures, and beating ourselves up for them, but what if you every time you had a win, no matter how big or small you celebrated? Recognising what you have achieved is SO important. You will find you will steam ahead faster and faster if you have enjoying the process and achieving the small goals that help you to get to the bigger one!