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Natural Health & Wellbeing

We are an experienced team of Naturopathic Doctors, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists, Herbalists and Homeopaths to help you heal physically and emotionally with leading, natural therapies.


Your first naturopathic consultation & treatment

In one hour you can expect:

  • An extensive look at your health concern & history
  • A personalised treatment program

Our practitioners use a range of methods to assess and treat your whole being. Your treatment may also include:

  • Iris image and diagnosis
  • Energy balancing, massage or manipulation.

Conditions we treat

Skin Care

A Skin Repair Ointment from Nature to You

This revolutionary ointment has been wholly researched, developed and manufactured in Australia by an Australian Naturopathic Practitioner with 40 years’ experience.

Dr. Nerida's Skin Aid

Dr. Nerida’s Skin Aid Treatment

Full of soothing ingredients that may assist with the conditions below

Cellwellbeing Programme

Do you want to access the key to your optimal health choices?

With just 4 strands of your hair and their follicles, we can unlock a deeper level of cellular insight and get you started on your Cellular Wellbeing path to better health.


Dr. Nerida James

Dr. Nerida James N.D

Naturopath, Remedial Massage, Homeopath, Food & Environmental Intolerances-NAET and Bowen Therapy

Dr Nerida James is highly qualified with a Bachelor of Naturopathy and is trained in Bowen Therapy and Kinesiology. She specialises in Nutritional and Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Homeopathy, Spinal Care including ligament manipulation (Lester Cox work), Massage (lymphatic drainage, deep tissue and relaxation), Natural Fertility, Hair Mineral Analysis and blood testing. She is a specialist in treating MTHFR.



Katrina Crutchley

Katrina Crutchley

Remedial Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Nutritionist, Food & Environmental Sensitivities

Julia Rudakova

Julia Rudakova

Naturopath, Iridologist , Buyteko Breathing, Aromatherapist, Homeopath, Herbal Medicine, NET, Food & Environmental Sensitivities & Massage Therapist

Jarrad Martin

Jarrad Martin

Manual Therapist, Functional Medicine Practitioner


Private health rebates available on Nutrition and Remedial Massage.